PES2010 PS3 Option File [US Version]


*still-shady’s V1.1 Option File (who used Mrgametight’s option file to start)
*JACKWHOBRA…………….Approximately 70% of his pngs used
*UmbroBoy………………….Approximately 12.5% of his pngs used
*Gunner11 (me)………….Approximately 12.5% of my pngs used
*Roigafni……………………..Approximate ly 2.5% of his pngs used
*Vixon03………………………Approximately 2.5% of his pngs used


*Due to the lack of kit slots and the fact that Konami DLCs continue to affect edited data, no teams were created in other league B. However, all data can still be edited after installing this option file. So feel free to add your desired team over the ones I’ve made if you feel the need to.


*Region 1 (Check the side of the PES box)
*Most likely countries from the Americas
*Konami’s November DLC


*All players include first and last names (85% sure about Xara’s of Angola)
*All player names are in lower case
*All duplicate fake players removed from national teams & replaced with their respective counterparts
*All team names correct
*All cup and league names correct
*All emblems for the EPL, La Liga, & Other League A teams correct
*All kits for EPL, La Liga, Other League A, & National Teams correct
*All team’s GK taker has been replaced with a suitable alternative (GK Taker does not stand for goalkeeper taker. It represents the second free kick taker)
*All squad numbers correct


*All transfers up-to-date
*Players on loan to a team not in the game were untouched and put in reserves (as they will likely be returning anyways)
*Retired players also kept on their team. I prefer it this way, plus only about two-three players retired after the November Konami DLC (ex. Dean Ashton)


*PES United & WE United left alone. Gave them first names, though
*First 23 fake players of each team replaced with respective youth team players (few replaced with first team players because not enough youth players on that team)
*Names(correct), Pos.(correct), Age(correct), Team Formation(correct), Stats(untouched)
*Panionios GSS created
*Stabaek IF created
*FC Timisoara created
*FC Amkar Perm created
*FC Dinamo Moscow created
*FC Rubin Kazan created
*PFC CSKA Moscow created
-One of the 23 removed to create space for real players
*FC Zurich created
*Trabzonspor created


*No Bundesliga, Championship, or any other teams for that matter created (look above for reason)


*Robert Enke=dead (R.I.P.)
*N. Featherstone and P. Morosini= no space for them on their teams. (Plus, they’re on loan elsewhere, so it’s ok)
*A. Zabolotny= no space for him on his team. (CSKA Moscow youth player & original fake)
*All fake international player names kept capitalized to distinguish them from the real players in the game (exactly 157 of them)


*Classic Players not unlocked
-If you’ve unlocked them, then you need to edit their names
*Hidden players from all leagues not unlocked (ex: Premiership, La Liga, Eredivisie, etc.)
-If you’ve unlocked them, then you need to edit their names
*Hidden players from all continental cups unlocked (ex: CONCACAF, CONMEBOL, etc.)
*Hidden players from EUROPA League and Champion’s League unlocked


*Name on shirts done to the best of my ability
*No face scans
*Created 36 superstars for my Master’s League (delete if you wish)


*Follow link to download
*When downloaded on your cpu, should appear as a .zip file (compressed data file)
*Get winrar or any unzip utility from the web (google search these) if you haven’t got these already
*Go into chosen utility and unzip downloaded file
*This should now appear as a ps3 folder, within that will be many uniform folders and a option folder
*Copy the whole ps3 folder and its sub folders, to a pc formatted usb stick
*Stick usb in playstation
*Under game menu in media bar in ps3 OF is a save data utility
*In this folder will be all your game saves for you games
*Delete all your existing pes edit data/kit pngs (if you wanna keep your save cups/leagues/bal etc you can)
*At the top should say usb device (or similar)
*Go into that you will see all the pes files (an edit data file, and many images of kits)
*Press triangle on one and copy that to your ps3 (your main user profile on your ps3)
*Repeat this for all the files
*These will now appear as they did on your usb, but now on your ps3 with all your other save games
*Load pes
*pes will create new user system data (unless you also kept your old system data which you can)
*Edit data will load automatically…..viola




*Compatible with Konami’s December DLC
*If you’ve already downloaded the OF above, then all you need to do for this OF is replace the old edit file and the old uniform 143 with the new edit file and the new uniform 143.
*If you haven’t just download all the files again in this version
*Everything mentioned above still remains true, but the following may change:
-Rubin Kazan’s GK Kit has been sacrificed for my Master League team (Kazan’s GK Kit is still liscenced, but probably doesn’t represent what it is today).
-Transfers for club teams are done to the best of my memory, since the DLC re-registered every player
-GK Taker left alone for all teams (in case any other DLC may come out later)
-Team numbers and team formation for other league A fake teams have been left alone (in case any other DLC may come out later)
*Don’t forget any small things that I may have forgotten to do can be edited by you


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  1. Anonymous says:

    I am in a village with limited internet access, How can I download the official konami PS3 update using my computer. Perhaps I can then transfer to my PS3. Is this possible.

  2. Anonymous says:

    when the ps3 tries to load the option file at the start of the game i get a message "cannot load cause the file is not up to date" and still the kits are not done!!! any help plz

  3. ismail says:

    birader stadyum yaması olsa 10 numara olurdu valla merakla bekliyorum

  4. Anonymous says:

    so what does it mean.. when it says "couldnt load files. theyre from a different version. download and update etc." I have the most recent upgrade from konami (via ethernet automatic) so what can i do to load this awesome patch? =/

    i tried two US versions both didnt work

  5. Anonymous says:

    does this actually work good and do you need any other patches before this one that u need to have

  6. Ahmed says:

    i also have the problem of "couldnt load files. theyre from a different version. download and update etc."

    Any help please …

  7. Anonymous says:

    It worked perfectly, except for the team names…

    but the names are easy to change…

    Thanks a lot…

  8. Anonymous says:

    It works great. one question though,….I can´t use khedira, barrios and some other players created on the german teams on their national teams. Any way to do this? they just dont appear whenever I look for them on each country player list. Thanks