Anouncement for the Broken Links

As you all know filehosting sites turned down the actual contracts and disabled reaching to files.So that if you let us know which links are broken, we will renew them for you

Thanks for your concern.


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  1. mEe says:

    cannot download from filesonic for japanese commentareis pes2012

  2. john says:

    pls i need working links to pesEdit 2011 pathes on wupload and uploaded cos the fileserv and filesonic are not working. Pls fix dis

  3. pong says:


  4. TheMan3x2012 says:

    only have link wupload and filesonic there..both not work… please update as soon as possible.. please… thank you..

  5. zhe_11 says:

    i need long tape for pes 12 . Please !

  6. modern_birth says:

    All links from this page are not working. Please kindly update links from this page. NEED HELP!!!!!

  7. lion nel says:

    hi, i need PES 2012 Become a Legend Editor 1.0 editor…eng… not working all download links 🙁 thx u

  8. Dionosa says:

    Can you add download links to this page?
    I need the links to the ( If you didn’t have v4:)
    Thanks a lot.

  9. Belhedi says:

    please i can’t use any link on this page
    i hope to download from mediafire thnx

  10. Mohamed says:

    Is possible to download from filesonic anymore??
    pls answer

  11. merdo says:

    i need this link with mediafire please

  12. harfoush says:!download|897p11|1982652623|PESEdit.com_2012_Patch_3.3.part3.rar|177950|R~0|0|0|You need RapidPro to download more files from your IP address. (8d5611a9)

  13. kimoo says:

    that game is vere nice

  14. Kouroush says:

    Thanks For The Support And The Patches!
    I Have Big Problem With The New patch, “PES 2012 Qpes 2012 Patch v1.3” On Current Link: “”
    You Put 3 Link Target For Downloading But I Can’t Download From Anyone!
    If There Been In Something Like “MediaFire” Problems Solve At All!
    Thanx So Much!

  15. blanky says:

    can u give me a link ver 1.01 update?? i want to update my ver