PES 2013 PS3 Bundesliga + 2.Bundesliga + RPL Option File for ALL Bles Versions

PES 2013 PS3 Bundesliga + 2.Bundesliga + RPL Option File for ALL Bles Versions
pes 2013 bundesliga and rpl option file

Authors:Guiterrez18 + Abstruso OF


This option file for Bundesliga + 2.Bundesliga + Russian Premier League in ALL Bles Versions also Compatible with DLC 4.0 Ver. 1.04


PES 2013 PS3 Bundesliga + 2.Bundesliga + RPL Option File Includes:
Correct League & Cup Emblems.
League & Cups renamed
All fake & duplicate players have been removed from the Nationalteams.
All National teams have correct kits.
All Nationalteamplayers have correct names.
All classic players have correct names.


PES 2013 PS3 Bundesliga + 2.Bundesliga + RPL Option File Leagues:
EPL with correct kits & Team emblems
Bundesliga with correct kits, emblems, playerfaces, – stats, -accessiors
2. Bundesliga with correct kits, playerfaces, – stats, -accessiors
Russian Premier League replacing Liga ZON Sagre with correct kits, emblems, playerfaces, – stats
S.C. Braga, S.L. Benfica, FC Porto & Sporting C.P. are in the other European Teams section
Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk has also been added to other European Teams section, including correct kits, emblem, playerfaces & -stats
The RPL players have been build on the most duplicate players, this means the biggest part of the Liga ZON Sagre players are still available in the Free Agent section.
W!ld editor has been used to bring back all the preset faces for Bundesliga, 2. Bundesliga, RPL and some of the fake Nationalteamplayers.
Also the Free Agent sections contains over 100 preset Faces and created players from all over the world.
The 4 hidden fake teams, that are only available in Master League, have been changed to the following.
Metalist Kharkiv with correct Kits, Emblem, Faces & Stats
FC Basel with correct Kits, Faces & Stats
Trabzonspor with Faces & Stats
SK Rapid Wien with Faces & Stats



*** NOTE ***
All credits go to ABSTRUSO and his Team, because I used their ‘BETA- Version OF for DLC 1’ as base, this one included all the kits and Squads for BuLi and 2. BuLi on the beginning of this Season!!!!!


Also credits go to:
Milanello84, Mike1Zero, Charlie14, Nemesiskidd, ronystan, iceman8marco, Sempre Juve, kitfisto, Garde, whistle, Eisuke, paul2478, fonchoruiz, el flaco, el barto, Azul10, eljulio, EE-Dynamo, Dynamoking, hrovje10, NeymarBrazil, Schitzophonic, w!ld, Smeagol & Starvin and many, many more! This list would be just endless!


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