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PES 2014 CoverKonami annouced PES 2014 Demo release dates again.

– PES 2014 PC demo release date : very very soon after launch (September 19th/20th/24th)

– PES 2014 PS3 demo release date : 11th September

– PES 2014 Xbox 360 demo release date : 12th September


Twits from PES European Community Manager “Adam Bhatti”

OK PC gamers good news, PC demo will come very very soon after launch. The team understand users need to try before they buy. More info soon


Key because we wanted a demo to represent the final game. Tough choice, but best for the game. Sorry for the delay.


Finally, told we couldn’t do PC demo because last year it was hacked, and licenses were revealed that had to be kept secret. Sorry everyone.


Note: PES 2014 Cover Released !

Old Note:Konami announced PES 2014 Demo will be release in August. You can find PES 2014 Demo Download Links here.


Konami Announce:


PES 2014 Demo Download Links:

Torrent: Coming SOON


Screenshots from PES 2014 Demo:
PES 2014 - 4PES 2014 - 3PES 2014 - 2PES 2014 - 1



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  1. moamensakr says:

    When will download links

  2. kamoos says:

    when will dwonload link ?

  3. Andi Pradono says:

    Lets Try ^_^

  4. gfhfhgghf says:

    Where is download link !!!!!!!!!!!

  5. ALEXIS says:

    Torrent, please! :))

  6. Michel says:

    Dude they need to reveal the date when the demo will be released, then wait until they release the demo, and then….we`ll get our download torrent. It should be any day now

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    konami, where is download link ?!

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    Thank you . i am waiting download link

  11. dsasa says:

    fucking konami !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. saain says:

    no pc demo.. :@ :@ :@ and the demo also coming on 11th sept for ps3 and 12th sept for xbox360 and that too jus a week before relase date. really disappointing, full game releasing on 19th sept in europ for sp3, xbox 360 and pc.

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  14. danilo says:

    ps3 demo
    don’t know if it works, judging by the comments it looks as if it’s working