BSE 14 Tool v1.6 beta for PES 2014 Stadiums

BSE 14 Tool for PES 2014 Stadiums Features:
Hi again to all stadium-makers, not too much to say ımm finally new BSE_14 tool beta v1.6 is ready, Im too busy with real-life no free-time recently, reasonable ideas/questions/feedbacks from only old stadium-makers, so I dont want to fight with noobs, my tools are only for pros… (pls sticky this thread)


Current Level: testing and fixes some small bugs..
* Beta version means no available some small extras yet, only most important things at the moment..
* Game optimization is very critic at this year, only stadium main objects and crowd (no extras) also keep polygon count as low as possible, ‘camp_nou_full.blend’ file is good reference for you..
* The stadium slots are limited at this year, only high quality stadiums from pros, no need to import poor quality stadiums..


from README.txt:

New BSE_14 Tool v1.6 beta for PES2014 Stadiums
Made by Suat CAGDAS ‘sxsxsx’


Needed Tools:

* Photoshop with Nvidia DDS Plugin
* Blender 2.67b (zip version)
* Notepad++
* ZLib Tool
* FileLoader (thanx master jenkey)


for new system/new features: Watch the below 2 video tutorials carefully!! (totally its 50 mins tutorial video)


Tutorials Videos:


Download links:

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