PES 2014 Multigameplay Tool F1X4R v1.2 by nesa24

PES 2014 Multigameplay Tool F1X4R v1.2 Preview:
PES 2014 Multigameplay Tool F1X4R v1.2


Tool made to improve gameplay for NBA and PES 2014.


How to use instructions:
1.Click select exe
2. For GameplayPatches: Click on Patch with RC1 or RC2 to patch. After patching new exe is created (with nesa24 Gameplay.exe).
For Sliders: Adjust sliders and click SAVE
So nba2k14.exe is normal gameplay and nba2k14 with nesa24 Gameplay.exe is with gameplay tool


NBA2K14RC1-Improved ball control, Improved dunks, Improved teamwork, overal gameplay flow change…
NBA2K14RC2-Harder gameplay with improved AI mechanics and animation control..


PES2014RC1-Harder ball, More shoot power,Move ball fight,Removed catchup bug,Better attack/deffense,Better connected animation,Faster animation,Better response on commands and more [First gameplay with hotfixes]
PES2014RC2-Slower Gameplay with forced SIMULATION of modern football
PES2014RC3.2-better keeper reaction, ball magnus effect, small adjustments in wide areas of gameplay[new gameplay RC3 with HotFixes]


About PES Sliders:
Running animation = Change in way player runs [options are default and more natural]
Limb movement = Change in way player limbs [hands and legs] movements [options are default and more free [ less plastic ]]


How to remove:
Just delete exe with nesa24 Gameplay.exe


PES 2014 Multigameplay Tool F1X4R v1.2 Download links:

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