2014 Patch 4.2 2014 Patch 4.2 Previews: 2014 Patch 4.2 2014 Patch 4.2 New Features:


Known error: Brazil kits are not working atm, because they are apparently blocked by Konami, in relation to the World Challange Data Pack (not available for PC). We will provide a fix as soon as possible.


There was a delay with the release of the 1.12 patch for the digital download version of PES 2014. Therefore, it wasn’t possible for us to include the respective file in the patch. Please download and update manually after applying 2014 Patch 4.2. (


4.2.1 Fix Features:
* Brazil kits, Bosnia goalkeeper kit
* Missing player ‘SEREY DIE’ in Cote d’Ivoire and FC Basel
* Improved quality of Brazuca ball (now using PC DLC 5.00 file, instead previously in-use converted model from console DLC) 2014 Patch 4.2 Torrent Download:


4.2.1 Fix Download links:


Fix for PESEdit Selector:

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