PES Dream Patch 1.0 For PES 2020 PC

PES Dream Patch 1.0 For PES 2020 PC Full Download with

PES Dream Patch Version 1.0 For eFootball PES 2020 PC

After months of hard work, here is PES Dream Patch, focused on making the patch of your dreams come true.

Made by RealKur7, Albiore, garythano, joaako1602, ryudek, Rydimir, darkamelot, francisco pasten, MeroMero_08, MinchoSheen, Axl Facemaker, the_pelado, zeebaxx, wachiwo, AMX Editions, JLDeb, jedim24, Nico Silva and Keko
Special thanks to gavi83.

With unique content and discoveries, this team of South American modders bring you:

TWO NEW LEAGUES: Both MLS and Liga BBVA MX completely licensed, added to the database. Without replacing PLA, PEU or PAS!

Download New Leagues PES2020

– All teams for both leagues (26 teams in the MLS!)
– Real ID for both the teams and tournaments
– Real trophies and scoreboards
– Faces (and minifaces) for both tournaments

You’ll be able to play with the best players in the history of the beautiful game (with their real faces!) and lift the old Jules Rimet Cup to crown yourself as the best team of all time: Argentina, Germany, Brazil, Netherlands, England, Italy, France, Czech Republic, Denmark, Spain, Nigeria, Croatia, Portugal, Chile, Colombia, Russia, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, Mexico, World Classics and European Classics.

ALL TEAMS for the UEFA Champions League and Copa Libertadores
(+promoted Colombian teams (Boyacá Chicó & Deportivo Pereira), Hannover 96, Hamburg, Stuttgart and 1. FC Nürnberg!)


You’ll now be able to play as Canada, Curaçao, Benin, Cape Verde, Gabon and DR Congo!

New exclusive/re-textured and updated trophies by MeroMero_08 & joaako1602!

San Carlos de Apoquindo (new version made from scratch!), Estadio CAP-Acero, Estadio El Teniente, Estadio Elías Figueroa Brander, Estadio Nicolás Chahuán Nazar & Estadio Santa Laura.

Check out the list
Spoiler: Managers included
And, of course, it includes fully licensed:

DISCLAIMER: We didn’t replace any already licensed leagues. The leagues that come with the game such as Liga NOS, Belgium, both French and Italian divisions and etc, will stay in the patch. We didn’t replace those.

This patch was made to have everything installed at once, what does that mean? That you’ll have ball-server, menu-server, scoreboard-server, stadium-server and more. We decided to go with this method mostly for our community outside Evo-Web that’s not very familiar with mods, so they have the entire experience in one installation, only needing to update some files when we release them. Needless to say, we don’t take credit on stuff like scoreboards, menus, stadiums (with some exceptions, obviously), since the majority was made by the community.

Stadium-server with our stadiums selection will be an add-on, to make the download lighter.

PES Dream Patch 1.0 (29/06/20)

Download links for the Patch [30GB DOWNLOAD/60GB WHEN UNZIPPED]

MEDIAFIRE (Option 1): PART 1 || PART 2 || PART 3 || PART 4 || PART 5 || PART 6 || PART 7 || PART 8
MEDIAFIRE (Option 2): Uploading…

Download links for the Stadium Server add-on [8GB DOWNLOAD/50GB WHEN UNZIPPED]


How to install the patch

MPORTANT: If you downloaded it via Torent, the only difference will be that the .rar parts will be inside a folder with the name of the torrent
We recommend doing the installation on a clean version of PES2020 with all DLCs installed. It’s also very important to have these three folders clean, without an EDIT file installed:
Documents/KONAMI/eFootball PES 2020/YOUR NUMBER/save
Documents/KONAMI/eFootball PES 2020/mount
Documents/KONAMI/eFootball PES 2020/WEPES
1. Open Pes Dream Patch V1.exe and set the path of extraction to the game directory.
2. To open the game, go to the game directory and open the folder Dream Patch Sider. Open sider.exe and the game will open with the patch.
We recommend creating a direct access for Sider.exe in any place where you place your games.

How to install the Stadium Server add-on

IMPORTANT: If you downloaded it via Torrent, the only difference will be that the .rar parts will be inside a folder with the name of the torrent
1. Right click the first part and select Extract Here
2. You’ll have a folder called Dream Patch Stadiums, enter the folder and select every file inside of it and drop it inside the Dream Patch Sider folder on the game directory. If you’re asked to replace anything say yes. Open the game with the Sider.exe to play.

FAQ (Frequent Asked Questions)

Is it compatible with the EvoWeb Patch?

No, this is an independent patch that has its own database, so no, it’s not compatible. Although we will be adapting new mods made for EvoWeb Patch to this patch.

Are more leagues going to be added in future versions?

No, we won’t add more leagues because we’ve reached the maximum amount the database allows. But we do contemplate replacing MLS and Liga BBVA MX to give other alternatives. If that happens, we will do a poll to know what league the community prefers.

How does Liga MX and MLS work?

We found out that, when you reach the second season, the points from the first season are added, they don’t start from 0 pts. So: Liga MX and MLS are absolutely playable in the first season, in Exhibition Mode, in League mode, etc, but in ML and BAL it’s a problem. Transfers can still be done, MLS is 26 teams, 25 games per team and a play-off between the top 4 teams as a group format), but Liga MX will now be played with 17 games played by each team and two teams will qualify for the Libertadores each season.​

You can add leagues! Why don’t you add a second division?

We will take a look at this matter and hopefully we can add second divisions soon, but we can’t promise it.

Do teams/players from (Bundesliga, J-League, Campeonato Uruguayo, MLS, Liga MX, Classic Teams) have a real ID?

Yes! All real KONAMI IDs for all players that were available in old PES.

Where did you add the Classic Teams?

All 22 Classic Teams were added to the ‘Classic Teams’ section, after Asia National Teams.


Thanks to all the modders that have their files in this patch, you’re the true MVPs 😀
If we forgot you, please let us know!

For more mod please send us comment. We will help you

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