PES 2020 web-based TED Editor by SiuMing

PES 2020 web-based TED Editor by SiuMing Full Download with

PES 2020 web-based TED Editor by SiuMing, that will support PES 2021 too. No need to download, open the link to access the tool.​

– Web based, no need to download, single page web-app
– Although it is web based, no files will be sent to the Internet. (You can simply disconnect the Internet after loading the page to try it if you have concerns)
– No prior encryption/decryption needed

Download PES2020 TEditor Tool

Currently it supports:
– Mask/unmask the TED files (it currently referred as encryption/decryption for some people)
– Loading the TED files from PES 2020 or PES 2021, it has auto detection of the version.
– Modifying player names, reputation, attitude, live update flag, name-edited flag, player ID
– Save the TED files for both PES 2020 + 2021 (may not work; Waiting confirmation on the file format of PES 2021 after the game will be released, although there are PES 2021 buttons) (It means you can interconvert between the TED files PES 2020 and PES 2021)

Planned features:
– Fully implement player editing features
– Team information editing
– Game plan editing
– Scoreboard preview
– Sponsor background preview.

For more mod please send us comment. We will help you

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