PES 2010 register your Konami ID + Game ID
A KONAMI ID is your own unique ID which allows you to use online services provided by the KONAMI Group. Registering a KONAMI ID is free of charge.
Disclaimers Regarding KONAMI ID and Password
In order to prevent others from misusing your KONAMI ID, please take note of the following points:
Please be careful when entering your KONAMI ID and password in crowded areas.
Do not use your KONAMI ID and password with machines or services other than those provided by Konami Digital Entertainment.
Do not share your password with anyone.
Konami will never ask you for your password.
It is recommended that you change your password periodically.
Customers can register both their KONAMI ID and GAME ID, edit any registered details and have their passwords re-issued at the KONAMI ID portal site.
Just select your region and language then click on the Register button. Once there, simply follow the instructions and soon you will have your own KONAMI ID.
When creating your KONAMI ID, you will be required to register the country you live in as there are regional differences in ONLINE games and services which are available.
Please note that should you register your country incorrectly, we may be unable to provide adequate customer support.
A GAME ID is a unique login ID which is used for ONLINE titles produced by the KONAMI group
Only one GAME ID can be created for each KONAMI ID.
A GAME ID like a KONAMI ID can be created and used free of charge.
Those who already have a KONAMI ID can login to the KONAMI ID Portal, then go to “View/Edit registered information” to create a GAME ID.

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  1. redouane says:

    share the love

  2. shubham says:

    it says invalid player data

  3. Anonymous says:

    When I try tu login to PES 2010 online, I'm still getting an message saying "Unable to login". I've tried many solutions but having the same problem.

    Can somebody help on a solution for this prob?

    Many thanks in advance.

  4. Anonymous says:

    When i try to login.i am getting a message saying
    "An error has occurred".I have done anything fine but having the same problem

    Can somebody help on a solution for this problem.

  5. Anonymous says:

    i cant login because of the registration code
    pleaz help

  6. Anonymous says:

    i have the same problem too,
    help me …………..

  7. Anonymous says:

    same here guys …
    any solution ?? where is the registration code ???


  8. Anonymous says:

    i log in.but after a few seconds,an error occurs that says your version of pes2010 is incompatible
    and suddenly a page show off that that include patch 1.03.i downloaded it and installed it.but still the same error

  9. Anonymous says:

    me too….somebody help me!

  10. Anonymous says:

    When i try to login.i am getting a message saying
    "An error has occurred"
    Can somebody help on a solution for this problem.

  11. Anonymous says:

    no way around i have been trying

  12. Anonymous says:

    your version of pes 2010 is incompatible

  13. Anonymous says:

    can anybody give me konami id…
    i cant register..

  14. Anonymous says:

    somebody help! i need game id to finalize registration

  15. Apoorv says:

    i want to make game id

  16. Iz says:

    how do i get game id for pes 2010 pc ?

  17. Iz says:

    pliss help me .

  18. Edmar José says:

    o prloblema meu é código de registraçao

  19. Edmar José says:

    me ajudem com o codigo de registraçao!!

  20. Anonymous says:

    pes 2011 game id ..any help please?

  21. Anonymous says:

    chutia bhosdi wale

  22. Anonymous says:

    vo behen ke lodo ….tumari maa ki chut nahi hai!

  23. mohammed ser says:


  24. zook says:

    i wanna pes 11 id plz.

  25. mayis says:

    wanna pes 11 id pliz.i

  26. kimchea says:

    i want to play it

  27. amit says:

    my mobile is rocker model no.(r9900)
    gmame download not work
    how to i am download plz halp me?

  28. Natanael says:

    Natanael correa

  29. sinan says:

    thenk you

  30. sadasdsds says:

    i want installation possword protected
    PES 2010 . can you give me ?

  31. mufid says:

    pengen buat ID konami gmna caranya sih ?

  32. mohammad says:

    pes 2011

  33. erton milaimi says:

    pes 2011

  34. Nader says:

    plase can you give me game ID

  35. fabqify abd says:

    wong kentir kabeh………………………

  36. fabqify abd says:

    PES 2011,is broken

  37. efren says:

    hola la pes es el juego mas divertido del mundo soy de españa y quiero que algun dia pueda estar en madrid

  38. arsam says:

    I Want konami id pes 2012 + password

    plz send my mail Arsam_az7

    thanx 🙂

  39. drumz says:

    im looking for a game id plz guys hook me up with it

  40. alex says:

    нету регистрационного кода(game id)

  41. HUGERAVAR says:

    I haven’t Konami ID please somebody tell my yours

  42. anonimuyeak says:

    cual es el game id alguien ponga el code

  43. sevzxxc says:

    konmi id

  44. ERMEK says:

    good game