Pes 2011 Chants for River Plate by elloko54

Pes 2011 River Plate Chants by elloko54 Installation:
Is easy to install:
1. Open Pes-editor and load the of.
2. They go to “teams”, there will have to see a part that says “Chants (dt01.img I id + range from-to + deafult team). This means that the songs are in dt01.img and are called unnamed or hostname + _ + the range since. adx to. adx has assigned the team the edge. To be more clear: unnmamed_468.adx.
3. Open the despregable list just below and look for the team you want asiganarle songs, let ‘they want to reach the River, on the list will appear: 120 II u_469-470.adx II (RIVER PLATE), this means that river songs range from 469 to 470 adx and therefore the appointed adx have to go like this: unnamed_469.adx, unnamed_470.adx.
4. Once assigned the numbers and positions in the appropriate folder adx keep the of and ready, is just try and enjoy the game.

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