PESEdit 2011 Patch v 0.5 Released !




PESEdit 2011 Patch v 0.5 Released ! Features:

. Complete 2. Bundesliga (all players with correct appearence, stats and boots;
all teams with correct squads, numbers, kits, lineups & map locations
. Complete kits configurations for Americas national teams
. Corrected boots for more than 500 players
. More than 20 new edit mode hairstyles
. New boots (adiZero Cyan/White/Pink, adizero Green/White/Pink, Predator X
. New kits (Aue, Cottbus, Dusseldorf)
. New faces (Abate, Barrios, Biabiany, Fuchs, Fucile, Geromel, Holtby, Kuba, Lens,
Robert Lewandowski, Lukaku, Neymar, Marica, Mario Suarez, Pieters, Piszczek,
Prodl, Schwegler, Szalai, Zambrano)
. Updated squads for Argentina, Brazil & Germany
. Complete Bundesliga & 2. Bundesliga (All players with new stats, correct
appearence and boots, ALL teams with correct squads, numbers, lineups, fan
colours and map locations)
. Correct names & emblems for all unlicensed club teams
. Correct names & emblems for all leagues
. Correct kits for all Club & National Teams
. Correct player names for ALL unlicensed National Teams
. Correct referee kits
. Fixed ALL transfers and squad numbers for Premier League, Ligue 1, Serie A,
Eredivisie and La Liga
. New adboards
. New edit mode hairstyles
. New faces (details in the versions’ features)
. New menus (30 custom menu pics, 2 default Messi themes)
. New music (list below)
. Schuco Arena stadium in Training mode
Exact features of each patch version can be found at the very bottom.

* version 05 is all in one, no previous version needed.
* recommended fresh install. delete old kitserver.
* detailed readme and features list inside.
* download  PESEdit 2011 Patch 0.4 Additional Stadium Package

. Miami . Foals
. New York City Cops . The Strokes
. Rhinestone Eyes . Gorillaz
. Heads Will Roll . Yeah Yeah Yeahs
. We Won’t Break . Zoot Woman
. Sun Hands . Local Natives
. Sometimes . Miami Horror
. Let’s Go Surfing . The Drums
. The Ghost Inside . Broken Bells
. Something Good Can Work . Two Door Cinema Club
. Animal . Miike Snow
. Lisztomania . Phoenix
. Say You Don’t Want it . One Night Only
. As Of Now . Me You Us Them
. The Kids Don’t Stand A Chance (Miike Snow Remix) . Vampire Weekend
If you don’t like these choices, read below how to dismiss certain parts of the patch.

REQUIRES Microsoft Net.Framework 4.0
With the release of PESEdit 2011 Patch 0.4 the famous Selector tool . as known from
last year . makes its re-appearence in the patch.
At this stage the tool is very basic, but there are big future plans about alternative 2nd
divisions and leagues.
Right now you can only switch two things . the additional stadium packages and wether to
enable Copa Libertadores teams for all modes or not. (if you enable them editing the
league structure in edit mode won’t be possible.)
You might have noticed that there’s a function to ‘switch stadiums’ in the PESEDIT
Selector included in this patch. At the moment there are only 2 options available to choose
from (Moses Mabhida Stadium, Durban & Schuco Arena, Bielefeld), but both are fantastic
quality and worth their download. As the size of quality stadiums is quite massive, we
decided to keep the optional which means clicking their buttons in the selector without
downloading the additional package will result in an error message due to missing files.

1. Delete the folder ‘PES 2011/kitserver/’ if you had an older patch installed.
2. Start the installler and install the patch to your PES 2011 directory.
3. Start the game with pes2011.exe or using the desktop shortcut
The patch automatically installs the KONAMI PES 2011 Patch 1.01 and the DLC 1.01.
If you don’t want the new music for example, delete the dt02.img folder from
kitserver/pesedit/img and delete songs.txt from kitserver/pesedit
Here’s a little overview about this:
. Created stadiums �¨ ST_EXPORT01.bin, ST_EXPORT02.bin, ST_THUMB01.bin,
. Music �¨ dt02.img, songs.txt
. Referee kits �¨ dt09.img
. Schuco Arena Training stadium �¨ dt07.img

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35 Responses so far.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Your work is great.
    just wanna know any fix for Dummy players.

  2. Anonymous says:

    i just want to said that this patch is all in one, how about if i have installed patch 0.1 until 0.4?do you think i should install this patch or not?what is the different between patch 0,1 – 0,4 and this 'all in one' patch?
    please answer..

  3. Anonymous says:

    Is egypt line up current (IE same formations and players when they faced Australia)?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Any idea of when brazillian clubs will be introduced ???


  5. Anonymous says:

    Nice changelog but part 4 is broken

  6. Laci says:

    Hey guys!

    Is there any chance that someone will do (or did) a patch like this what includes the Serie B instead of Bundesliga 2.? I would really appriciate the help!


  7. Anonymous says:

    is there a solution for "dummy" player on master???

  8. Anonymous says:

    Please correct the faces of the classic teams… I want them to look nice and not like general models… at least put the faces of the 2010 pes edition PLEASE!

    Thanks a lot, your patches are amazing!

  9. Anonymous says:

    why u arent put la galaxy they have also beckham?

  10. Anonymous says:

    Hi PESEdit team,read your message and understand your disappointment regarding some dumb remarks that some ignorant users put up here. However, I've been a loyal fans of your patch since PES 2010, especially nowadays when competition against FIFA heat up, and many PES users now converting. You and your team SERIOUSLY put some plus for PES so people like me, can still be loyal to PES.

    Just one little concern, I wonder why you don't put Libertadores teams in exhibition match along with all other Europeans teams? You were did that in patch 0.2 though? Any explanation?

    Once again thanks for your dedicated effort

  11. Anonymous says:

    theres all the players u sold put in ur patch:roberto carlos,david beckham,Maradona,Luis Figo and Zinedin Zidane.
    some of them sold playing now at some teams and the other u can put at a "leagends league".

  12. Anonymous says:

    i have the same question with the person who ask the second question..can you please tell me what is the answer?

  13. Anonymous says:

    is it work for no-DVD ???

  14. Anonymous says:

    4 part is broken …

  15. Anonymous says:

    Great patch but disappointed with the changes in the player statistics…would LOVE it the way Konami made it..

  16. Anonymous says:

    Hey could you please add Lech Poznan or some Polish Teams (f.e Lech , Wisla , Legia , Jagiellonia , Ruch)?? Please


  17. Anonymous says:

    The logos of the teams and the players stats and everything seems to be ok,but the name of the teams remain the same for example north london etc….Someone help pls!!!!

  18. Anonymous says:

    I know a shitload of people already asked this question, but is there any way of fixing the "dummy players" in ML and BAL?

    I mean, this is a great patch. But it gets annoying with all those "dummy players".

  19. Anonymous says:

    hola como estan, los felicito por su trabajo.

    por que no sacan un patch que sea por ejemplo 1.0 que tenga todo esto y no necesite de los otros, uno completo, por favor q no corrija lo de los pases que lo novedoso del pes 2011 es eso,de resto quedaria igual al 2010…. muchisimas gracias

    falta la cara de falcao y de muchos jugadores talentosos.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Are Zilina, Partizan, Maccabi and Bursaspor in the patch?

  21. Anonymous says:

    Does it work with official Konami patch from 24.11?

  22. Anonymous says:

    i thik its NOT working with patch 1.02 o maybe im wrong?

  23. Anonymous says:

    Problem with player "Dummy" , solution please 😉

  24. Anonymous says:

    how bout JACK WILSHERE face??
    in pesedit 0.4 it's already perfect, but it back to freaky face in this patch. 🙁

  25. Anonymous says:


  26. Anonymous says:

    New kitserver 10.0.4 from the famous Juce, without which does not work any patch for PES 2011 –

  27. Anonymous says:

    PES 2011 Maldives-Team Patch Please Update . . .
    Thanks For Your Great Work . . .

  28. Anonymous says:

    and i changed the edit.bin to antother folder, but i didnt want it …..and now the Bundesliga Players and team changed ! What can i do ???
    Whats the problem and where i should do the edit.bin file ?

  29. Anonymous says:

    My pes 2010 straight can't start a match. All the features are presented. But can't continue my BAL or any matches. Needed help

  30. Anonymous says:

    PES 2011*

  31. Anonymous says:

    In this patch names and teams are correct???

    are de player names in lower case like: Cristiano Ronaldo or CRISTIANO RONALDO (hate this)

  32. Anonymous says:

    hi there..can anybody tell to add new song on this game..

  33. Anonymous says:

    Thx for your work, but when I used Game Editor V2 (NHL_7)& save any changes, all the corrected kits turned back into default one(incorrect one)?

    Could someone kindly tell me WHY???
    Is the NHL_7 game editor not compatible with this patch????

  34. Anonymous says:

    it does'nt install !!! help me, plz!!!
    it need part 2!!!

  35. kerimkerim says:

    Can you reupload the files again please…?