PES 2012 Konami Official Update 1.0

Konami released PES 2012 Konami Official Update 1.0.This update first from konami.
Details for PES 2012 Konami Official Update 1.0:
* Facebook tie-in features have been added to the game.
* Improvements have been made to the Gameplay AI.

Please be made aware that sometimes, during installation, the process may appear to have stalled with the window status shown as “not responding” for a few minutes.
However, we would like to ask you to wait for the installation to resume rather than to retry or abort as the installation is in progress even when the above symptoms occur.

PES 2012 Konami Official Update 1.0 Download Links:

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13 Responses so far.

  1. methee says:


  2. wayne says:

    does it include transfer update?

  3. yaser says:

    does it have english commentary. If it is possible add this file (english commentary and it text)for download because my game hasnot english, pleeeeeaaaaaaassssse please!!

  4. faris says:

    it needs new crack 🙁 find it plz

  5. bardia says:

    I Need a crackfix or a new crack pleaseee…

  6. E says:

    U can use the old crack with this update. Just copy and overwrite the Pes2012.exe and rld.dll again in your ..\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 directory.

    • Traj says:

      How can we find cracked patch for the update 1.0 so we can play it online? it says version incompatible :S
      Please Help
      Thanks in advance

  7. spider says:

    it doesn’t work plzzzzzzzzzzz
    help it shows a window with error

  8. rachmat says:

    update transfer pes 2012 september?

  9. HuuThanh says:

    Link Down ??

  10. sameh says: