PESEdit 2011 Patch 4.1 – ALL Transfers up to date (03/09/11)

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INFO: PESEdit 2011 Patch 4.0 is required to install this update correctly.

INFO: Changes only apply to the default 2nd division switch, South American teams are not updated!

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  2. ahmed says:

    it dose not work ?? help

  3. didierlukaku says:

    file for part 1 doesnot work..pls solve..tQ

  4. asdfdffd sgdffhsgfh says:

    it does not work.

  5. andy says:

    why not work can not play help??

  6. Shiv says:

    the switch for Championship teams doesnt seem to work. game crashes when i run the ML using a championship team. even after using the switches ML/Bal …. even the name of the league is still Bundisliga. doesnt change to championship.

  7. SH says:

    well… there seems to be some problem here… when i start the game with the default switch it has all the latest transfers.. but when i switch to the 2nd div championship teams the final day transfers dont seem to happen… fabregas, etc all still in arsenal… HOW DO I FIX THIS!

  8. vasanth says:

    after editing and save the transfers are gone

  9. kt says:

    INFO: Changes only apply to the default 2nd division switch, South American teams are not updated!

    geez… -_-

  10. stu ARY says:

    Please fix this, game grashes when trying to save in “be a legend” mode. is there any solution how to fix it by myself?

  11. jpn says:

    another link pliss..i can’t download this patch ..

  12. jorkey says:

    still got problem… can’t play master league… please help!!

    • jorkey says:

      now it works for me.. 😀 ..
      just share it to everyone..

      > go to konami file at program file
      > right click on PESEDIT
      > choose properties
      > choose compatibility
      > at compatibility mode, mark “run this program in compatibility mode for” and choose window XP (service pack 3)
      > at privilege level mark “run this program as an administrator
      > click apply
      > click ok 😀

      sorry for the bad english 🙂

  13. parsa hassanpour says:


  14. Martin says:

    All missing Champions & Europa league teams -WHERE IS VICTORIA PLZEŇ … now in group wit barceleno and ac ….

  15. Daniel says:

    I can’t play master league.
    All is fine week by week until I attempt to save or actually play a game.

    I tried multiple installs with and without the Konamy Official Update.
    I’ve installed fresh from DVD and then ran the PEDEdit 4.0 install then the 4.1….
    All seams good except ML doesn’t work properly:
    I can buy, sell, edit the team etc but I can’t play the game or save…


    • jorkey says:

      try this..

      > go to konami file at program file
      > right click on PESEDIT
      > choose properties
      > choose compatibility
      > at compatibility mode, mark “run this program in compatibility mode for” and choose window XP (service pack 3)
      > at privilege level mark “run this program as an administrator
      > click apply
      > click ok 😀

      sorry for the bad english 🙂

      • Daniel says:

        doesn’t work still
        Do I need to download the “extra content” from inside the game on a clean install?
        Or do i need to install the official KONAMI patch 1.03 and then the “extra content”?

        I can play Exibition but when I try to play ML it crashes when I try to save or play the match manually.

  16. Daniel says:

    I’m using “Other European Teams / Benfica” and I start the game from PESEDIT.EXE with all default options.
    (Before these install/uninstall attempts I used to have PESEdit 3.7 running just fine..)
    I have win7 Ult x64 on a HPPavillion dv7 on a Quad 2GHz with 4Gb RAM and 1Gb ATI card..

  17. scouserMTL says:

    it might be stupid to ask that but…….is this patch for pc or ps3^^

  18. Daniel says:

    Which updates do I need before I install PES Edit 4.0 ?
    Official 1.03 ?
    Extra Content 7.0 data?

    Please help

  19. Daniel says:

    I think the problem is I’m installing from the Portuguese, Spanish, Italian and (greek? or russian?) DVD…. can it be?

  20. Xayasak says:

    can’t update data pack

  21. Daniel says:

    Not ok…
    I can play Exibition etc…
    I can start the ML but once I try to save: CRASH!
    I used a PES2011 (English) DVD and ran a clean install:
    Installed PESEdit 4.0 and works fine! ML and all.
    Installed PESEdit 4.01 FIX and works fine! ML and all.
    Installed “PESEDit 4.1 Transfer update” and….
    same old story…. can’t play ML… not with Benfica not with Arsenal…

    I realise i don’t need the official patches or the “extra content” because the PESEdit patch already loads data v7.0 and PES v1.03..

    Any ideas…?
    (i’ll play exibition with my brother-in-law until someone fixes patch 4.1… or helps me around this – already tried the “compability” tab run as Admin WinXp sp3 tip.. )

  22. Paul says:

    The game crash very frequently, after selecting some teams (bologna, udinese ecc..)

    Impossible to play.

  23. TheBarcaKid says:

    can’t start a new become a legend profile everything else works pretty good great patch by the way but can anyone help me with the crash as I’m about the play the 1st match in BAL mode HELP!!!! PLZZZZ

  24. dug92 says:

    try run ur game as admin

  25. Oily'z says:

    From my solution to fix all that probs , try this

    step 1 – delete kitserver in PES 2011 ‘s folder

    step 2 – check at start button > all programs > must delete ” PESEDIT.COM 2011 Patch ”

    til this step – we only have just PES 2011 ( no patch )

    And then …

    step 3 – install Patch 4.0
    step 4 – install Patch 4.1

    I don’t have any problems with these steps


    So the point is … DO NOT install 4.xx Fixed Patch


    If my solution can’t help you

    ,,, I’m sorry ,,,

    but I think u should try … first

  26. baher says:

    i want to ask about the stats
    they are not corrected at all even after i install the patch and it works except the stats !

  27. rambutaan says:


  28. snoop187 says:

    Everytime I wanna make a Master League with BVB Dortmund the program shuts down, when the first game of the season is on the run. why?

  29. Dimitris says:

    make PANACHAIKI in the next patch pls!!!!

  30. omar says:


  31. Mert says:

    Beyler ! PESEdit 2011 Patch 4.1’ı yükledim.ardından 4.1 – Fix’ide yükledim 4.1 transfer update dosyasını indirdim yükledim.Ama hala bir sorunum var.2.liglerden Championship ligini seçiyorum ve oyuna girdiğimde eski kadrolar var fabregas hala arsenal’de,juan mata hala valencia’da falan Championship liginde bir sorun yok,takım isimleri ve kadroları yerli yerinde ama eski kadrolar var.neyse 2.bundesgliga seçtiğim zaman yeni kadrolar var öbürlerinde neden eski kadrolar oluyorda bundesligada yeni kadrolar.bide championship’ı seçince arada kadrolar yepyeni fabregas barca’da,forlan inter’de,falcao a.madrit’de ama Championship ligine baktığımda almanya 2.lig takımlarıyla kadroları kadroları ve isimleri karışmış birbirine ama takım logoları duruyor.buda benim canımı sıkıyor.lütfen yardım edin bir türlü çözemedim sorunu ?

  32. imem says:

    how to dwonload?

  33. Chong says:

    Can somebody make a patch for the champions league? now it’s still following the old one =(

  34. cristiano ronaldo lover says:

    i can`t downloadit

  35. komunitas pes 2011 banten says:

    Is it necessary to install the patch from scratch, or simply just the last patch?

  36. cianator says:

    Why the update transfer isn’t updated with Serie B,Championship etc.?

  37. peto says:

    Apik tenan….

  38. brobard says:

    I have pes 2010 only. The question is :

    Did it work if I install this patch to my pes 2010 ???anybody can answer my question please. Thanks.

    Sorry for my bad english. 🙂

  39. Italo says:

    Why the hell Chelsea plays with blue socks? Chelsea’s 1st kit has WHITE socks, please, corect it 🙂

  40. Chris says:

    it still crashes whenever i try to play liverpool.. help..

  41. Koko says:

    I have problem here… When i click icon PES 2011 patch… It cannot run… This message appear :



    Somebody PLEASE HELP mee… Huhhuhu…

  42. chicharito says:

    why my pes 2011 is crashing when i install this can’t me plez…how to remove all patches???

  43. Rui Teixeira says:

    First of all, congratulations.. The BEST patch i ever seen!
    Is any news about a new version of this patch( January 2012 transfers)?


    Excellent JOB!

  44. Peca says:

    how can I use it? only install? or must I change it in menu?

  45. Jase says:

    How do you rid of the dummy players?It is impossible to get rid of them.Running as admin doesn’t do anything to remove the dummy,last time the only thing that helps is by replacing the option file with another one,but that means losing all the new teams and players

    I run a windows 7 64 bit.

    I dont expect a reply but im seriously hoping you will reply,plz and thnx

  46. taee says:


  47. FCB2411 says:

    Hey why i cant change hairstyle of players (like messi hairstyle)????

  48. hima says:

    مش عارف احمل منين؟ بليز حد يقولي

  49. mohamed says:

    thanks for you