PES 2012 ULTIMATE EDITOR v4.5.1 Screen:

PES 2012 ULTIMATE EDITOR v4.5.1 New Features:
Added support of editing dt0f.img
Added button which restores default teams order in leagues (may help if you can’t see the changes in leagues squad made in un_33)
Other small fixes aimed to fix localization bugs.

Many thanks to neogeo64 who wrote encrypt/decrypt function for EDIT.bin.

PES 2012 ULTIMATE EDITOR v4.5.1 Note: Starting from v.4.2.7 you need .netFramework 4.0 to be installed.

PES 2012 ULTIMATE EDITOR v4.5.1 Known issues:
– So far I’ve deactivated face import from PES 2011.

PES 2012 ULTIMATE EDITOR v4.5.1 Download Links:


Click here for Download Latest Version PES 2012 Ultimate Editor


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9 Responses so far.

  1. aeee says:

    Plese give me a link for BAL editor!

  2. ulundi mon says:

    when i try to paste stats from PSD using the ‘paste’ function, it gives me a fatal error 🙁

  3. Joe Carson says:

    How can I download this file? It’s taking me to 20 freakin pages…Can you guys put a simple link?

  4. begbie says:

    im a tad sceptical, if anyone could put my mind at rest please, i’ve a few questions:
    is it worth downloading? and if so, after editing, is it easy enough to then upload onto my xbox?

  5. fan93 says:

    How to download>>??
    Wupload n filesonic is not usefull now
    please give mediafire links