PESEdit 2012 Patch 1.3

PESEdit 2012 Patch 1.3 Screens:

PESEdit 2012 Patch 1.3 New Features:

PESEdit 2012 Patch 1.3 General Features:

PESEdit 2012 Patch 1.3 LIST OF NEW SONGS:
• Get Some – Lykke Li
• Fake Tales Of San Franciso – Arctic Monkeys
• 1901 – Phoenix
• Live Forever – James Curd
• Restless – Kakkmaddafakka
• Live Those Days Tonight – Friendly Fires
• A-Punk – Vampire Weekend
• Ready To Start – Arcade Fire
• The Bay – Metronomy
• What A Life – Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds
• If You Wanna – The Vaccines
• Bombay – El Guincho
• The Great Escape – The Rifles
• Graves – Tokyo Police Club
• Dominos – The Big Pink
• Machu Picchu – The Strokes
• I Can Talk – Two Door Cinema Club
• One Month Off – Bloc Party
• In The Summer – Crystal Fighters

PESEdit 2012 Patch 1.3 HOW TO INSTALL:
1. Delete the folder “kitserver” from the PES 2012main directory and also delete the
start menu folder “ 2012 Patch” – skip this if this is the first time you
install 2012 Patch.
2. Install the patch using install.exe, make sure to choose the directory you installed
PES 2012 to.
3. Start the game via pes2012.exe / start menu folder “ 2012 Patch” /

PESEdit 2012 Patch 1.3 Download Links:

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104 Responses so far.

  1. Alessandro says:

    there is a way to play master league with a real team?


    no new faces ?

  3. pat says:

    is there a patch to unlock the extra content to play with real teams in masterleague?

  4. gian says:


  5. Fran says:

    You’re an absolute star! It works as a charm! Although, just thought I d report I don’t have Swansea team’s logo. Not a big issue though, thanks again!

  6. masood says:

    plz upload on filestube or 4shared

  7. adriana says:

    “rld.dll” problem how to fix can anyone tell me??

  8. igor says:

    i try to run instaler and only get this message: This file contains invalid data

  9. Ale says:

    is compatible with online mode ?

  10. Francis says:

    New music? Pointless.
    It took me 5 hours download this @1Mbps in South América.
    Think about us…

    • Juan says:

      At least put those files in Megaupload o MediaFire!

      The downloading time is just absurd !

      Like 2 hours only the first part!

      Think about us

    • sanjiv says:

      if you want further help,leave me your mail id.i will contact you

      • Fajarbopa says:

        my games crashed when i play in exhibition mode. What the hell? I can only play training. Please help me, or maybe you want to answer my question in my facebook.
        Here are my PC spec:
        Intel 965 Express Chipset Family
        Intel Core 2 Duo CPU L7300 1.40Ghz
        RAM 1 GB
        Win 7 Ultimate

        If i install Win XP driver for my video card in win 7, in settings.exe show VRAM = 256 MB, but if i use Win 7 driver, it show 64MB. WTF? Can you help me? Sorry for my bad english

  11. chris says:

    can you plz tell me how to use the scoreboards and the stadiums that replace konami stadium??and how to change leagues..between bundesliga and liga adelante…i am so confused..:(

    • chris says:

      can someone help me plz??:'(

      • Abdallah says:

        open where you installed the game and the patch, run the application “PESEDIT.exe”, choose what you want to switch in the tabs (e.g: scoreboards), choose the one you want with “previous” and “next”, then click on it’s image in the middle and it will show a message that it’s successfully switched to.

        • david says:

          Thanks for everything. although I have to say that I don’t have any correct emblem and kits for premier league (I just have correct names) and scoreboard switcher says it’s ok when I click but it doesn’t work in game … how the hell does it work ? thanks

  12. Torres says:

    this patch still containing the portuguese league?

  13. grahamleeds says:

    will this patch work on ps3 or is it pc only

  14. dera says:

    HELP PLEASE. the dynamic library rld.dll failed to load … 1) … 2) …
    How can i play ? Does have any crack 1.3 and where ?

  15. jdepp says:

    need help..just installed the patch..but when i want to play the game it to play the patch?can anyone help me?

  16. Misko says:

    why asking me for part2 when i unrar this patch?

  17. wenca says:

    Olympique Lyonnais has wrong kit 🙁

  18. Chris says:

    do you have to download it through your PS3 or can you do it though USB?

  19. Dexter says:

    need help..just installed the patch..but when i want to play the game it to play the patch?can anyone help me?

  20. smile says:

    can you make a patch in which you put ronaldinho?? I love that guy!

  21. jdepp says:

    great patch..but can u make all faces correct for major clubs? e.g arsenal – szceny, atletico – falcao, etc..thanks so much..

  22. goallla says:

    autria kit = barca??

  23. Homer says:

    All my strips are wrong ?!?!
    Chelsea got lyon’s strip, arsenal, liverpool etc have all random strips from other clubs ?

  24. astarot says:

    For yhose who doesn’t know how to use selector. If you want Liga Adelante or diffrent scoreboards and so on you need to click next and whyen you see the option you want just click on the picture above the name and you’ll see the conformation.

  25. astarot says:

    One more thing. In the next patch it would be good if you put real nike ball with league emblems on it. Like EPL Nike ball La Liga NIke ball and so on cuz’ those ball right now are simply not real

  26. steven says:

    can you tell me pls, which stadiums you based on to do the stadiums in Pes Editor?
    who they mean to represent?

  27. Ikky says:


  28. Timsooon says:

    Hi guys, i have a little problem. When im trying to run an exhibiton match the game crashes, what could i do to fix this And also when playing ML sometimes i cant go further on the schedule, the game just stops working propertly.

  29. astarot says:

    Timsooon try to reinstall the patch. Delete kitserver folder and istall whole patch again throuh the istall file. Also if you have more than one patch istalled or if you put diffrent than pesedit files into kitserver folder strange things can happpen.

  30. Robert says:

    Austria has the Barcelona shirt ?!?! Why

  31. SONIC says:

    Same problem with me and when install the patch I cannot open the game in usually way, I have to open run as administrator and that doesn’t work for me. Because I cannot use my video card on this option.

  32. AreZent says:

    try to download this and replace on your save game file on my document 😀

  33. SONIC says:

    Same thing happened. It crashes when im trying to run an exhibiton match.

  34. SONIC says:

    fixed it… Now it works

  35. Ajit says:

    i actually downloaded the german version and need english version , how can i change it ? is there any patch for it ?

  36. yaser says:

    can you upload this patch without music files because they are too huge for download because I have limited Internet

  37. Ibrakadabra says:

    When i try to unpack this patch it says “insert part2”
    But where i can download part 2?

  38. Barraza says:

    is this patch contains team like santos,etc ?

  39. sonny says:

    bor, i kept getting the PESEdit_2012_Patch_1.3.part2….

    where is the part1?? i cant installed this patch,,
    care to help me??

  40. Hrry says:

    does this patch work for uk ps3?
    if so how do i go about it?

  41. Meši says:

    why u change players ratings for exp. messi got 98 in patch 100 … chago from dinamo got amazing 74 wtf ??

  42. akio says:

    FAKE!!!! my arsenal got roma strip. nice!!! _|_

  43. lampard says:

    can you make a patch with brazilian team Flamengo, or at least with Ronaldinho?

  44. DukXy says:

    i don’t have emblems and my game crashes when i try to play…. plzz help

  45. DukXy says:

    soz my game crashes when i try to play with some team from bundesliga

  46. fm says:

    it is written that ‘8 scoreboards available’.
    How can i change the scoreboard?

  47. rajiv says:

    How can i play master league with main teams squads in pes 2012?

    • astarot says:


      You have to either collect points and “buy” this option or download the patch which unlock all the extra content. I got one frome this site so it should still be somewhere here.

  48. visa says:

    if you can put Ronaldinho in a patch, i will be forever grateful

  49. Fikry says:

    please who have PES 2012 english language . . . T_T

  50. Hilal says:

    PLzzzzzzzzzzzz upload this patch and all pathcs on fileserve ,, fuck these two site .

  51. astarot says:


    You have to either collect points and “buy” this option or download the which unlock all the extra content. I got one frome this site so it should still be somewhere here.

  52. James Hatfield says:

    Hey guys, thanks to everyone who helped to bring us this nice patch and the steady updates, they’re great! =)

    But I got one big question: Where can I finde the file name for the Borussia Dortmund Champions League Home & Away Kit ?

    I know that the “normal” shirts are named “unnamed_2197.bin” & “unnamed_2198.bin”, but I also want to make my own CL kit, so please help me out!

    I’d reaaally grateful!

    Thanks in advance!

  53. groby says:

    yeah, what about ronaldinho?? Can you make a patch with him, cause i really wanna play with him

  54. BaSyo says:

    I don’t want the stupid new songs ! why add an additional 100 mbs for songs that I don’t need ?
    Some people have slow connections !!
    we need another version without the stupid songs !

  55. alireza says:

    Sorry I’m asking this but I’ve downloaded and replaced the English commentary and language pack (img files)but when playing the game the commentary is not compatible with game at all and “Mr.John Champion” stops talking after about one minute starting the game. What’s the problem?

    • astarot says:

      I supose you’ve downloanded PES 2011 commentary not 2012. Just try diffrent one but you gotta be sure that’s 2012 commentary. I won’t tell how to see the diference you just need to try.

  56. salah says:

    tank you
    pleas sorry

  57. Razvan ! says:

    where to download because there are

  58. Mario says:

    France Classic-no real faces ?

  59. LOL says:

    i cant start the game .. it say stop working !! please help me .. 🙁

  60. bardia says:

    if i open nothing happend and i should copy the crack to play but i want a patch-crack

  61. Hadi says:

    The game and Patch didn’t work on windows 8 Developer Edition. I can’t play the game. It’s stuck on loading screen. Is there any way to fix it? Thank’s 🙂

  62. Steven says:

    how can i install a patch on my 360? please!

  63. Vedran says:

    people..i need help..i have to have crack for all patches..where can i find crack for this patch..thank you guys 🙂

  64. rafael says:

    hi all.. where’s Ronaldinho in PES12?

  65. Celio says:

    I want 2 division English premier league… I want Championship NOW to play Master league with Chelsea!!! please jeje

  66. Rajiv says:

    this is my email id.

  67. Mihai says:

    I have a question.I see championship isn’t finished yet.How can i play with a team from Premier league in master league,and avoid playing in cup with teams from germany or spain’s second divisions?

  68. Pes says:

    HEYYY!!! HELP … after i installed the patch ,its say not working !! HELPPP ME!!! 🙁

  69. smile says:

    you do not have enough ram, you have a bad video card and a bad processor

    pes will not work normally for you

  70. tomislav says:

    this is not working..i was reading the steps and did everything that is written but i can’t find pes.exe in that patch folder..original pes.exe doesn’t want to run

  71. ANDERSON says:

    I can’t play the exhibition mode how to solve this problem

  72. Matteo pipi says:

    Real Madrid has Cartagena jersey on exhibition!! And Saragoza has Arsenal jersey!! why???

  73. najmus says:

    The game is not coming after the installation of patch or update version 1.3