How to edit a team in PES 2012 [TUTORIAL]

How to edit a team in PES 2012 [TUTORIAL]
First tools What you need for editing.
1- PES 2012 DEMO-EDITOR v1.01
2- PES 2012 Ultimate Editor
3- Ultimate Map Editor
4- Ultimate Data Explorer
5- PES 2012 Kitserver
6- Photoshop

Note:Backup your ALL FILES

1) Choose the team you are going to replace. I personally use one of the fake teams left by PESEDIT team in their patch (Neapoltsk and Ghernetova)

2) Create kits and emblem for your new team using Photoshop. Make sure you have the right resolutions (.png kits: 1024×512, emblem 128×128)

3) Change team name. You will need unnamed_26.bin and unnamed_30.bin from dt04.img folder of the kitserver. Use Demo editor for this because if you do it with Ultimate editor it will only change it for English(EU) and it will not show up in the game. The demo edtor gives you an option of changing it for all languages. Make sure you change the Abbreviation for the team and also make sure you save your work.

4) Adding the kits. Use Ultimate editor to find the kit numbers for the team you want to change, extract them with GGS from the original .img, open them with GGS and replace the appropriate .png files. The kit, number, letter files go into dt0c.img folder of the kitserver.

5) Replace the emblem. You will need unnamed_65.bin from dt04.img folder of the kitserver.

DO NOT use GGS for this because it will mess up all of the emblems especially if you are using PESedit patch. Instead use Ultimate DATA explorer. It will take longer to find the needed .png but the game will not crush Also make sure your .png is 8-bit compatible although I’m not sure it matters.

6) You may edit the players with Ultimate editor but I prefer to do it with ingame editor to make sure nothing is messed up.

7) If you want to be very thorough/anal you can also put the team on the map. You will need unnamed_23.bin ; unnamed_30.bin ; unnamed_32.bin from dt04.img folder of the kitserver. Use Ultimate Map editor for that. You will have to click on green plus sign to add a map texture and make sure you apply the changes before saving the team.

BACK UP YOUR FILES. Also you are NOT editing EDIT.bin so don’t expect it to show if you already have a save. You are editing the “core” files not the EDIT.bin. You’ll have to create a clean profile AFTER you did all the additions to the game.

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    can this be use to edit emblem on ps3?

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    can you do a video please!! i don’t know how to use it.

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    how to use face pack,,,,need help now…

  4. Yony says:

    Hw to control refree in pes 2012

  5. klodi says:

    have any video to see how to use all those programs? im searching but nothing. maybe im not finding. can help anyone plz?

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    I need to create a new national Team not edit one. Any info.