PES 2012 PES Img Explorer 1.02 Beta Released by Jenkey1002

PES 2012 PES Img Explorer Previews:

PES 2012 PES Img Explorer Description:

PES 2012 PES Img Explorer has same functions with GGS, PES UDE, Afs Explorer

You can use with old games:PES6 & PES2011,2012

PES 2012 PES Img Explorer Support:

PC and Consoles(Now only xbox360)

PES 2012 PES Img Explorer Download Links:

PES 2012 PES Img Explorer New Features with Pics:

Image process : allow to import, export, convert, resize any picture (up to 10 format dds, png, tga, jpg, bmp, tiff…) with UNlimited size

Allow to expand slot of img up to 65535

Audio process : preview, convert any audio file of PES
support wav,mp3,avi,mp4… convert to ADX, AIX

Bin block : import, export, rename, add, delete …

Hexeditor :

Sound effect export :



Features :

Developer :
  1. Jenkey1002
  2. Eto
  3. Omar Ahmed
  4. Phranck
  5. Liberostelios

Credits : Master Juce (for everything), Barcafan (image decode),smeagol75 (console beta tester), Neogeo64 (data Decrypt sourcecode)

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  1. tony says:

    This is the shit!program is dead!!