PESEDIT 2012 PATCH 3.1 + Fix 3.1.1 Released 19-03-2012

PESEDIT 2012 PATCH 3.1 Previews:

PESEdit 2012 Patch team  released new patch.
PESEdit 2012 Patch 3.1.1 Fix Released

PESEDIT 2012 PATCH 3.1 New Features:

PESEDIT 2012 PATCH 3.1 General Features:

• Correct emblems, kits, map locations, goal net styles, team ranks, for all teams in
the game (Clubs and National)
• Complete Bundesliga including correct squads, kits, lineups, emblems, map
locations; All players with correct stats, appearence and boots
• Complete 2. Bundesliga, Liga Adelante & Npower Championship with all features
• Corrected league structure (Bundesliga, corrected Champions League)
• Disabled blur in gameplay (if you want blur back, delete unnamed_63.bin in
dt04.img folder in kitserver)
• New faces
• New kits
• New music
• lots more

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PESEDIT 2012 PATCH 3.1.1 Fix Download Links:

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  1. rangga says:

    torrent link please

  2. laercio says:

    coloca links pelo mediafire

  3. wahyu says:

    Game Front link please

  4. wepes says:

    fix 3.1.1?

  5. Eduardo From CHILE says:


  6. astarot says:

    MediaFire links for whole patch not only for fix would be nice

  7. Funkerman says:

    again… all around DUMMY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Oajgio says:

    I can’t go to match @@

  9. maurizio says:

    Hey Man, Thanks a lor for your patch, but in next patch can you add Serie B in div. 2 please, coz i want to play Master League with Italian Team, Thanks B4

  10. CB says:

    keep posting on gamefront… best down speed ever!!

  11. AKYOL says:

    Mediafire links addded

  12. didi says:

    hey men in the gamefront file is broken, thank

  13. cr7 says:

    Serie B please

  14. Bio24 says:

    Dude, mediafire link part 5 is error, please fix man…. thanks…

  15. caesario says:

    reupload plese in mediafire delete violation

    • Chris says:

      razib u have problems with some prlaeys faces, buffon for example. when i try to reach buffon in edit mode my pes crashes to desktop. i dunno names of other prlaeys but im sure there is more problems than just one buffon. i tried to open buffon in pes editor and set his face and hair to default but problem is still there.pls fix this so i can continue with my progres master league.

  16. suhibartowski says:

    can i ask.i install PES in my laptop and its so lag.Another laptop just fine.At the begin of the game,it say DATA 1.0 VERSION 1.1.Another laptop say DATA 1.0 Version 1.0.maybe because of the patch that i installed at first time before end of the last year.what should I do?someone help me please

  17. caesario says:

    why after instal pespatch fix cannot full screen but in window. i try to setting cannot

  18. robin says:

    AH, BON

  19. van Genbezto says:


  20. GEBLEK says:


  21. Padjenk says:

    Glory Glory Manchester United….. hahahaha

  22. lulikovec says:

    Czech League please or in the other europe teams sigma olomouc :))

  23. mlk_nandynho says:

    esse patch e de video game …… this patch and what video game? responds to and paid *** email [email protected]

  24. vengeance00 says:

    whatever thanks man….

  25. 585 KB/s download speed @ Gamefront!