PES 2013 PS3 EU Option File – WENB PES2013 Option File – EU VERSION (BLES-01708)

PES 2013 PS3 EU Option File – WENB PES2013 Option File – EU VERSION (BLES-01708)

WENB PES2013 Option File Information:

A new season and a new OF.
This is base Option File for PES2013 PS3 version and compatible with BLES code 01708/01709* (The code is written on the disk). As far as I know, The countries that will be having that Bles code of the game are:
Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Turkey, Greece, Cyprus, Israel, Netherlands and Middle east countries.


This Bles code will probably be available in other EU countries except (UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain) – If I recall correctly that what happen last year.


WENB PES2013 Option File Version 1.00 contains the following:
1) Team Emblems added for EPL, Bundesliga and Liga Zon Sagres teams;
4) All Leagues and cups names corrected (except We league/cup);
5) League and Cup emblems/logos have been added;
6) Actual names for Zon Sagres, EPL and Bundesliga unlicensed teams;
7) League structures edited;
9) Correct kits, logos and badges for all EPL and Bundesliga teams;


WENB PES2013 Option File Download Links (Rapidshare, Gamefront, Mediafire) :


WENB PES2013 Option File Installation guide created by community legend @Chaos_PES:


WENB PES2013 Option File Whats next:


WENB PES2013 Option File Credits:
“JackwhoBra?!”, “moeom” “¢Ħλ®₤ỉξ-[14”, “Jaymez Hetfield”, “Nemisiskidd”, “Mike1Zero”, “foxtrot_yankee”, “chaos_PES”, and especially for WENB. Sorry if I missed out anyone


* For your notice
The Bles code which is written on my box and on my disc is 01709 but when I transfer the OF from the hard drive to a USB i found out that my work has been saved for 01708 bles code which is ODD. I don’t know if it’s mistake and my Bles code is actually 01708 (despite it’s written otherwise on the disc/box) but it’s worth checking it out.
There’s a slight chance that this year we might be able to download different OF for different bles code.

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25 Responses so far.

  1. Djbeile says:

    Great work.

    When could we expect the next version with the correct Bundesliga Team Player names?
    Would it take a long time?

  2. barth says:

    When are we gonna be able to get this? Also, what about EPL Stadiums? Not just the names, but the design. Thank you!

    WENB PES2013 Option File Whats next:

    Correct Fake players name.
    Remove Fake/duplicate national team players
    Kits for Liga Zon Sagres teams.
    kits For all International teams.
    Bundesliga full Squads.

  3. Flavio says:

    Thanks for all the work, but the download links aren´t open…is there any problem?
    Thank you again…

  4. pete says:

    does it also work on North American Version?

  5. Andrew says:

    When will we expect the US or BLUS option file to come out?

  6. Nickolys D says:

    Please release the patch for US version please !! I really appreciate it !!

  7. alonso says:

    does it working on PES us version?

    Actually i import it. but it did not work..

  8. KIM says:

    So…its not work on US ver….

  9. xalid says:

    y the links are not working

  10. Ibrahim 2005 says:

    pes 2012 where more fun Ashan speed please adjust the speed of pes 2013 running on a Pes 2013 Ps3 bles 1709

  11. Ibrahim2005 says:

    Pes 2013 PS3 1709 NO SPEED Is there a solution

  12. Gaav says:

    Transfers please, otherwise well done and much appreciated

  13. Gaav says:

    O and boots please

  14. dario says:

    my cd is bles 01710 download your patch .emblem is correct .team bundesliga is incorrect names.adn team clasic and holanda is not real names

  15. osmn says:

    I need the super lig on my ps3 who can help?


  16. Ned03 says:

    when is the next update coming? I appreciate the hard work but im getting desperate! I want the brazil kit bad!

  17. PESFE says:

    can you play online having this option file installed on the ps3?

  18. Elad says:

    Hello , please when is the next patch , includ player in the bundesliga

  19. KEV says:

    Thank you all of your hard works….! Expect to see the next update!

  20. Nixa says:

    Hello , please when is the next patch ???

  21. Pikesos says:

    I have the greek version but the game freezed. I had to delete the option file to play. Any idea if i did something wrong?

    • Michelangelo says:

      το προ κολλουσε γιατι ειχανε κανει μαλακια με το dlc γι αυτο κολλαει
      και εγω τα εσβησα ολα..
      δεν εχω ξαναβαλει το πατς
      περιμενω να βγει καινουριο τωρα…

  22. kuman says:

    anybody help me, the file doesnt read on my PS3 . . n i have been follow tutorial for installing . .thnks

  23. Ronald says:

    hey seems like great work.
    first, does it work on both bles?
    second, what about the Classic National Teams?
    the patch fixed them?
    keep in your awesome work!