PESVN PATCH 2012 AIO v4.70 – New Season Patch

PESVN PATCH 2012 AIO v4.70 Cover:

PESVN PATCH 2012 AIO v4.70



PESVN PATCH 2012 AIO v4.70 New Features:

All in one version : doesn’t requires previous installation


PESVN PATCH 2012 AIO v4.70 Download Links:

Part 01 :
Part 02 :
Part 03 :
Part 04 :
Part 05 :
Part 06 :
Part 07 :
Part 08 :
Part 09 :
Part 10 :
Part 11 :
Part 12 :
RAR Password : jenkey1002


Update 2 :
Download :


Torrent : 


How to install :
Extract & install to your PES2012′s installed folder
  • PVN_v4.7.0_part_1.exe
  • PVN_v4.7.0_part_2.exe
  • PVN_v4.7.0_update_1.exe
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62 Responses so far.

  1. baryboi says:

    need pass for part 2 please….

  2. BCruz says:

    guys,i can’t get the download to start for part 08.could u re-upload?

  3. batista_9 says:

    a parte 8 nao da para fazer downldoad chega a meio
    do donwload e nao da mais

    gostava que me ajuda-se 😀

  4. Stevan says:

    I get an error on downloading Part 05, is there another link?

  5. sir madu says:

    Hey dude.Thanks.Part 8 does not work!!!

  6. dundula says:

    nice work as usual.can U fix in next update squad numbers and all transfers?and when is next update?

  7. xiwas says:

    neeed part 8

  8. FAI says:

    why can’t play the online mode?
    i have the account.

  9. adit says:

    i can’t download PART 8, please reupload dude 🙂

  10. MAGHFUR says:

    HEY, there is so many wrong number of the player, and where is iaquinta? he is still at juve, and toni is on fiorentina! please update to newest transfer!

  11. cerap says:

    part 8 please?? cant download it…

  12. Daniel says:

    Part 8 damage Please repair

  13. antuan says:

    re upload part 2 please..tq

  14. h10 says:

    Waiting jenkey been hitting the reload part 8

  15. youssef says:

    liga bbva where where is celta vigo and valladolid and others ? another update please

  16. idontknowthisprogram says:

    Have Club Barclays Premier League 12/13 or not tell me pls?

  17. i'knowthisprogram says:

    this program no virus,,

  18. i'knowthisprogram says:

    this patch so good PESVN PATCH 2012 AIO v4.70 – New Season Patch and this patch so bad download progoram,so waste your time PESEDIT 2012 PATCH 4.0 New Season and Transfers!
    PESEDIT 2012 PATCH 4.0 Previews: P… i like this patch PESVN PATCH 2012 AIO v4.70 jenkey so good patchs 🙂

  19. whatT.F.just'like'a'game' says:

    how to delete logo jk in this game….tell me pls..

  20. adasdfwa says:

    why part me extract cannot he show eror files :/c 🙁

  21. Dhanie says:

    need part 8 ……

  22. EL ASSAL says:

    part 8 please
    upload it the one in mediafire is damaged

  23. 'Andre'Santiago'Zambrotta'Samiyr' says:

    download this mediafire part8 rep-upload 🙂

  24. scarbo85 says:

    part 07 doesn’t work, please can you give another link?

  25. anjiepcoro says:

    nice patch 😀

  26. EL ASSAL says:

    guys pes2012.exe don’t when it’s attashed to gameplay config and kitserver HELP ME

  27. Milos says:

    Fix the update2 file

  28. Milos says:

    and thanks for the trojan horse

  29. sulis says:

    part 5 can download but the file is corrupt,..,your update cant download

  30. Zakriel says:

    part 5 corrupted,..,upload again please and upload update,..,

  31. toroid says:

    Why all links can’t be accessed ??!!
    So sad…

  32. farid says:

    File Belongs to Suspended Account.


  33. Jackoo says:

    plz uploud links again …
    i must download link 7 to 12
    thnx any way

  34. ngap ngip ngop scorering says:

    what happen to media fire i go link his says File Belongs to Suspended Account. ..:( help me how to released this…?

  35. Can't You Help Me Please? says:

    why i click this link media fire cannot open the download please backup your download jenkey1002 okey tQ… 🙂

  36. Aep Saepuloh says:

    Link download File Update 2 is Error.
    Please re upload file Update 2.

  37. sulis says:

    need part 5 please and update

  38. youssef says:

    in the update 2 there is celta vigo and others in liga bbva ??

  39. sulis says:

    can someone upload part 5 and update2 ? please

  40. Someone says:

    File Belongs to Suspended Account !!!!!

  41. hey says:

    when it comes to part 4 it stops and says (is the password correct)

  42. Allfreeakstar says:

    It doesn’t let me download! :/ It says that Google couldn’t connect to adfly 🙁 what 2 do?<3

  43. Dwi Cahyadi says:

    The site back. suspended?

  44. Allfreeakstar says:

    reupload torrent please!

  45. cerap says:

    tqvm for all the pes edit crew 🙂

  46. iqbal says:

    torrent download with mediafire File Belongs to Suspended Account.. pleas re-upload

  47. Fred says:

    How to remove annoying team colored nets, please?

  48. emir says:

    this ins not working,,,,,,a get in game an is freeze or the black pictures and nothin else,,,,,,,,a have geforse4 giga and 16 giga ram and i cant play this shate fuck you

  49. vidiç says:

    when i open and write pass …he said”wrong password’
    what a problem
    it ”jenkey1002”…is ti???

  50. bebi says:

    please torrent don’t work repair please

  51. david says:

    Boas pessoal! i link da parte 12 do patch n funciona.. alguem me arranja algum??

  52. aa says:

    part.08 still error,,please upload other file please.. 🙂

  53. aa says:

    please upload fix file of part 08

  54. cerap says:

    for dis type of there new update??anyone?

  55. summmeetr says:

    any idea when is the next patch coming up for latest 2013 winter transfers