2013 Patch 2.3 + 2.3.1 FIX 2013 Patch 2.3

PESEDIT 2013 Patch 2.3 2013 Patch 2.3 releasing with new features. 2013 Patch 2.3 will be include League 2, Serie B, Bundesliga, Liga Argentina, 2. Bundesliga, Liga Adelante, Npower Championship. You can download 2013 Patch 2.3 with Torrent here. 2013 Patch 2.3 New Features:


——————————TORRENT———————————— 2013 Patch 2.3 Download Links & Torrent:

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Gamefront Links:



Uploaded (Official Download Link)…_2.3.part1.rar…_2.3.part2.rar…_2.3.part3.rar…_2.3.part4.rar…_2.3.part5.rar


—————————————————————– 2013 Patch 2.3.1 FIX Features:
Fixed ‘boots problem’ in Football Life modes
Fixed some names in Greek language
Fixed some DB errors for Liga Argentina 2013 Patch 2.3.1 FIX Download Links:


—————————————————————– 2013 Patch 2.3 General Features: 2013 Patch 2.3 Songlists:
Default – Django Django
Blue Cassette – Friendly Fires
The Wave – Miike Snow
Sleep Alone – Two Door Cinema Club
Where Are Your People – We Have Band
If Only We Remain – Two Wounded Birds
Garden – Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs
Everybody’s On The Run – Noel Gallagher
Please Ask For Help – Telekinesis
What Else Is There? – Röyksopp 2013 Patch 2.3 Installation:
1. Remove ‘kitserver13′ folder inside PES 2013 install directory (optional, skip if this is
the first patch version you’re installing)
2. Install the patch
3. Start the game via pes2013.exe / start menu folder / Selector 2013 Patch 2.3 More Screens:


New Boots



Euro Kits


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  5. Stefan says:

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  27. Rani1995 says:

    somebody! read this it is important!

    Pesedit please update the national team of iraq , because there are whole new players in the national team now!!

  28. ahmed bibo says:

    please read this note admins of website
    i want option file contain:
    El-ahly S.C and Zamalek S.C with correct and new kits and line-up that is the only thing i miss in my pes2013

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  52. ephand says:

    is this fix ML and BAL problems? crash when loading save game or make a new game

  53. Iniesta says:

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  54. mawz says:

    uploaded sucks, sometimes downloads a 1kb file instead of what i wanted..pls upload to mediafire or gamefront

  55. thkravaboy says:

    How to change 2. divison teams? PESEDIT selector fails to initialize

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    Muy buen aporte!!!! saludos desde argentina

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    please add iranian league to the next patch

    thank you

  60. neville says:

    I won FA cup in ML….bt in d end derz no trophy !!premierleague score board was upside down in d end..nd sometimes shot on goals ,generally der appears a box,bt dat time der ws no box jst appears 5-0!!plz rectify dese errors…in the next patch which you would release

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    How to change to the other 2nd division leagues? No matter what is being chosen, it still shows Bundesliga 2. Eagerly awaiting a solution. Thanks!

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