2013 Patch 2.6 – Includes New DLC 3.00 2013 Patch 2.6

Previews: 2013 Patch 2.6 Preview 2013 Patch 2.6 - 2

The patch includes new konami data pack 3.0 2013 Patch 2.6 New Features: 2013 Patch 2.6 Download Links:

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Gamefront Download Links:

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:
Part 5:


Zippyshare Download Links:
PESEdit_2013_Patch_2.6_Zippysh are.part1.rar
PESEdit_2013_Patch_2.6_Zippysh are.part2.rar
PESEdit_2013_Patch_2.6_Zippysh are.part3.rar
PESEdit_2013_Patch_2.6_Zippysh are.part4.rar
PESEdit_2013_Patch_2.6_Zippysh are.part5.rar


Official Download Links:…_2.6.part1.rar…_2.6.part2.rar…_2.6.part3.rar…_2.6.part4.rar…_2.6.part5.rar…_2.6.part6.rar 2013 Patch 2.6 General Features: 2013 Patch 2.6 How to use :
1. Remove ‘kitserver13′ folder inside PES 2013 install directory (optional, skip if this is
the first patch version you’re installing)
2. Install the patch
3. Start the game via pes2013.exe / start menu folder / Selector 2013 Patch 2.6 Songlists:

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  1. mat says:


  2. jup04 says:

    for the next patch: albania, macedonia and iceland national team? 😉

  3. wadad says:

    Patch is released , please post torrent link 🙂

  4. elsameer says:

    can’t wait..!

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  6. mrb says:

    come on it’s released… give us the torrent!!!

  7. AKYOL says:

    Torrent link coming..

  8. walsh2509 says:

    Any chance of Celtic 3rd kit the 125 anniver/kit but even more so, any chance of the Scottish Premier League in one of the patches.


  9. The Red Warriors says:

    Good job. Nice patch ever. Malaysia Harimau Malaya. (y)

  10. gremista says:

    Why don’t try bring the FIFA Club World Cup, after winning Libertadores, Champions League, and others teams??

  11. mujeeeb says:

    how to play online sayed incroct konamiid konami id and OTP i dont know otp ???? help and replay me pleaseand give me OTP link to download not google play

  12. musa says:

    thank you…

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  16. fans no.1 pes2013 says:

    seed seed seed 🙂

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    please post torrent link

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    please post torrent link

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    Cab you please give me torrent password?

  22. haum2 says:

    why cannot add this torrent link to zbigz..

  23. Andreas says:

    how can i play online it`s says incorrect konami id , pass …. what is the trick please help

  24. josian says:

    muito bom!

  25. jack says:

    is this for pc or ps3?

  26. Gustavo says:

    excellent website

  27. TRS says:

    Thanks 4 such an excellent PES Patch.

  28. pato says:

    Hope everything works 🙂

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  31. epsych says:

    thank you

  32. WAGNER says:

    quero torrent

  33. Dany says:

    the fucking anti virus delet rld.dll its start geting annoyng any help?

  34. Alisson says:

    Password in torrent?

  35. tony says:

    thank you so much 😀

  36. pes says:

    why patch 1.03 not be???
    fix plss…

  37. nany says:

    torrent dont work
    i downlod it
    but it not work
    please tell me why

  38. abc says:

    Hey the part1 of uploaded is down, pls reupp 🙂

  39. papai says:

    lots of player faces are like black clay model after installing this patch. plz help

  40. abdallah says:

    thank you very much

  41. darktadada says:

    thank you

  42. dino says:

    great!!! yeeeee!!!!

  43. mert says:

    gooodd but whats the torrent password ?

  44. neville says:

    Added possibility to switch to official 1.03 patch by Konami for online play (without patch content)
    wat does it means…it will be added later on??

  45. wonder boy says:


  46. Juan says:

    Hey, say me , this patch is compatible with the official Konami patch 1.02?

  47. abdou says:


  48. abdou says:


  49. koneng says:

    torrent link please

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    please passoword!

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  53. mohamed says:

    thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  54. jak says:

    in Patch 2.06 Kitserver in the file pes2013 1.03.exe does not Atch

  55. aqu says:

    part 4 zippyshare not working..=(

  56. Francesco says:

    Very Good

  57. derick says:

    nice patch!!!

  58. gio says:


  59. laptaj says:

    good patch

  60. Vyacheslav says:

    Patch – super!!!

  61. chat says:

    thakkkk kub

  62. asi says:

    please give me password for torrent

  63. shaarawy says:

    shaarawy’s overall should be over 85!!!!
    do in the next patch!!!!
    he is perfect ss and winger

  64. DummyBlade says:

    i 4got to download 2.5 …. and when i download 2.6 , will i miss anything ,, any UPDATES … plz reply !!

  65. elabuelodt says:

    thankss mateee!!! from Venezuela!!

  66. hadzi says:

    Pecth is OKKKKK

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  68. KHOUNA says:

    tkx frend

  69. yuti says:

    thank you

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  71. Pesedit says:

    The patch 2.6 like me 100%

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    thanks a lot

  73. iko says:

    thanks a lot:)

  74. McJaha says:

    thanks i hvala super uradeno sad mi radi perfektno socer pozzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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  77. comolokko says:

    yess this is it 😀

  78. bob says:

    i want pach for indonesia super ligue please

  79. NASER says:


  80. lol says:

    why need a reply

  81. cole says:

    i have seen some people who installed this patch and after the installation they tolf the game doent work anymore or less kits for teams and master league is crashed….can it happen to me?

  82. Alin Ives says:

    big up ! respect from romania

  83. NuTTapong says:


  84. skazi says:

    davai davai

  85. moskri loko pajdoman says:

    Kako se vi zaista osecate kad crnacki palamar ulazi u vaginu vase ribe, na fotelji pored vaseg kreveta gde vi masturbirate na tu sliku?
    a u picku materinu i pes i sve…

  86. fighter says:

    i have a question. i see that patch 2.6 have new teams which i don;t see in patch 2.7 so if i download patch 2.7 i will have those teams that are in 2.6 too, or i have to download every patch?

  87. Bruno says:

    Good patch!

  88. Murat_ugur says:


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  90. king says:

    this is the best release

  91. kidz says:

    it does not matter if I download version 2.6 directly?

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  93. Anto says:

    Nice Patch

  94. Emre says:

    I will try as well

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    thanxxx pes

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    gud .nice

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    asal masa first2 buka patch leh main..pas keluar nak main balik terus not responding..helpp

  99. CEPOTS says:

    like this yo

  100. helio says:

    patch muito bom um dos melhores

  101. Loll says:

    can you make indonesia team at the next patch ?

  102. G43 says:

    My problem is:
    “The dynamic library “rld.dll” failed to initialize(E5)”
    Can You hel me?

  103. laith aldle says:

    hola como estas

  104. mahmoud says:

    simply amazing 🙂

  105. henda says:

    i like it

  106. Andres says:

    I wanna test this patch

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  111. ali says:

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