PES Normal Maps, Bumps for Boots, Balls etc. (How to make Boots) Tutorial

A lot of people would like to make boots, but don’t know how to create a normal map also known as Bump. So I’m going to post here a video tutorial to help them.


Click here to watch tutorial >


Sample Boots PSD ->


Applications for making boots:
– Photoshop CS3 or higher
– Nvidia DDS plugin
– PES Ultimate Data Explorer (to change sizes for .bin textures and import/export DDS files)
– Blender
– FEI 2011 (to export model to Blender)


* 1st Normal map should be based on Global Light: 90 degrees.
* So start New PSD file or use existing to fill a layer with colour #818081
* Hide the back of texture underneath the layer called Foot


I recommend you to work with CS6 because Pen tool is totally improved. You can see I created some layers with Pen tool and applied on them Bevel & Emboss. It’s very easy, isn’t it?


Alpha mask
– Save 1st NMap PSD
– Save as 2nd Nmap PSD
– Fill all layers with color #969696 (You can use Layer Style – Color Overlay #969696)
– Change Global Light to 180 degrees.



Save 1st Nmap psd (somewhere else because you’ll need afterwards to open it again and create alpha channel)


Change Global Light to 180 dgrs
Go to Channels, Press Red Channel, Select with CTRL + A, and create new layer and paste it.
Now you need to have 1st and 2nd Nmaps created as layers.
Go again to Channels, create new Alpha Mask, and paste on it 2nd Nmap texture.
Delete from layers 2nd Nmap, and save as DDS.

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