MyPES13 v3.0

MyPES13 v3.0

MyPES13 v3.0 - 2

The time has come, MyPES13 v3.0 is now released containing:
*DLC 3.0 Patch 1.03
*Latest kitserver
*Latest winter transfer (for almost team)
*Fix some player faces
*Added new player faces almost all team
*New font on launcher
*Added some 13/14 kits
*New training cinematics
*Latest HD turfs
*New scoreboard
*New MyPES13 config setting
*HD stadium preview
*Real headcoach faces
*Stadium mosaic
*New entrance music for  FIFA World Cup, UEFA EUROCopa America, AFC Asian Cup, African Cup of Nations.
*New launcher
*New menu icon
*New reff kit
*New training kit
*New stadium added (Malaysia’s local stadium)
*Complete chant for all team
*Complete kit for all team
*FIFA commentory
*New gameplan
*FIFA World Cup mode
*Sky texture
*Remove blur effect
*Added new 81 HD boots
*Added Brazilian League
*Added real trophy (all league)
*Real sponsor in ML
*HQ Graphics


MyPES13 v3.0 Installation:
1. Download MyPES13 if does not have ( If have MP13 skip step 1 )
2. Download MyPES13 and Extract File
3. Install the patch using Setup.exe to your MyPES13 Directory
4. Start your game by click MyPES13 Icon on your Dekstop
5. Now you can play MyPES13


1. Start MyPES13 with MyPES13 Launcher
2. In game, go to “OPTION”
3. Then go to “System Settings”
4. Then go to “Language Settings”
5.Choose “Commentery Language”
6. Select “Portugese”
7. Done! Play the game as usual.


*to select normal PES commentery, choose “ENGLISH”


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Special Thanks :
RazorEdit & Jenky1002


Patch Maker :
– KayNine & UnTrime –


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part 2 =
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MyPES13 v3.0 Screens:

MyPES13 v3.0 - 1MyPES13 v3.0 - 3MyPES13 v3.0 - 4MyPES13 v3.0 - 5


Go to link for more screen:

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