PES 2013 Matrix Stats System Patch 1.1.1

PES 2013 Matrix Stats System Patch 1.1.1 Information:
he Matrix Stats System is an evaluation system that changes the player & team stats depending on real data, market prices and team performance from the previous season

We use as our database


PES 2013 Matrix Stats System Patch 1.1.1 Features:

– Real names for all 11.777 players in PES 2013
– New stats for all player depending on their current market prices
– Real primary positions and automatically generated secondary positions
– Real nationalities for all players
– Real age, height and shot foot
– New settings for injury tolerance and player form
– New settings for weak foot accuracy and weak foot frequency
– New ingame market price system based on real market prices
– New settings for Playing Style Cards and Special Skills Cards
– New settings for dribble style, free kick style, penalty style, dropkick style, and goal celebration
– Updated Leaguenames and Stadiumnames
– New growth type system
– New spacing system on the shirtnames
– New height & weight system


PES 2013 Matrix Stats System Patch 1.1.1 How to Install:
Copy the Option Files from the folder “Matrix OF” to your Konami\Pro Evolution Soccer 2013\save folder

When you want to use the graphical addon, copy the Kitserver13 Folder to your PES2013 mainfolder and overwrite the old files


PES 2013  Matrix Stats System Patch 1.1.1 Note:

After installing Matrix Patch please use once the PESedit Selector to choose your league settings. Then everything workes fine!

Please make a BACKUP of your old EDIT files so that you can use them if you dont like the Matrix Stats System


PES 2013 Matrix Stats System Patch 1.1.1 Download Links:

To play with Matrix Stats System you need to have PESedit Patch 3.3 installed

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  1. Silvio says:

    This also working with pes edit patch?