PES 2014 MultiConverter Beta 0.8 by starvin/smeagol75

What could do:
-Unzlib one or multiple file(s) at time.
-Zlib on console or Pc one or multiple file(s) at time(Example: select all dds kits files on pc, unzlib, then select all kits unzlib and zlib on console includes the false dds(hope this helps)
-Convert all database files included on Pesdb folder(Could select all).


-Convert Edit.bin From Xbox360 or Ps3 to PC format and inverse to use the great tool of goldorakiller for example. this is not full finished, you could use all his features except personalize players appareance.


-Multiconverter supported files
– *.model (Use with caution) all files done work only to Xbox360
– Unicolor, Spike, *.dds, *.mtl, RefereeColor, kitconfig file, Badgedata, .dat face files after decrypt with jenkey tool.


-PesDb: Ball, BallCondition, Boots, Coach, Competition, CompetitionEntry1, CompetitionKind1, CompetitionRegulation, Country, Derby, InstallVersionBallDlcAs, InstallVersionBootsDlcAs, InstallVersionStadiumDlcAs, Player, PlayerAssignment, SpecialPlayerAssignment, SpecialPlayerAssignmentKind, Stadium, StadiumOrder, StadiumOrderInConfederation and Team.


Things to do…..
Try to convert all files
Let us Know about errors. Thanks. And this year we´ll do my best, and that could means nothing more. Sorry. And please no pm with request or doubts.


This is a Beta program, make always backup of your files. I´ll not promise it works 100%


Now we need test and one person who wants to help and have the game on Xbox 360 and Pc.
what we need? We need someone that personalize more or less 5 or 6 different players and personalize the same on pc and xbox360, with same version in a fresh edit.bin same language etc etc, and do it on same order and change all you could change to the player boots, eye, colours etc etc. if someone could do that please send it by pm. Thanks., Yandex & Mirrorcreator Download Links for PES 2014 MultiConverter Beta 0.8

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