2013 Patch 3.5 + 3.5.1 – Raiffeisen Super League & Argentinian 2nd division 2013 Patch 3.5 2013 Patch 3.5 2013 Patch 3.5 arrived to us with Raiffeisen Super League and Argentinian 2nd division “Primera B Nacional”. shared 2013 Patch 3.5 via torrent download links.


The Patch including Raiffeiesen Super League, including 8 new teams with correct squads, lineups, kits & stadiums and Argentinian Primera B Nacional with 3 new teams with correct squads, lineups, kits & stadiums. You can use Swiss Super League by switching it on it selector. It will replace Eredivisie, but you can always revert back to the Dutch league, and also select Greek, Russian and Turkish leagues. 2013 Patch 3.5 New Features: 2013 Patch 3.5 General Features: 2013 Patch 3.5 + 3.5.1 Fix Download Links:



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