PES 2021 Netsound Mod By D.A.A

PES 2021 Netsound Mod By D.A.A Full Download with

The PES 2021 Netsound Beta Mod By D.A.A was released 22 Feb in 4 types – with 50%, 75%, 80% and 100% volume.

PES 2021 Netsound Mod

Netsound Install Notes:
1. download and extract the Files.
2. ex: copy the Folder “netsound_100” from: Netsound_BetaType A100% volumelivecpk
to your livecpk Folder ( in my Case: …SteamsteamappscommoneFootball PES 2021siderlivecpk)
3. open sider.ini and write a new line: cpk.root = ".livecpknetsound_100"
4. save and Exit the sider.ini file.

For more mod please send us comment. We will help you

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